What is Skincare Cycling?

Dennis Stolpner, anti-aging specialist, offers up a brief description and explanation of ‘skincare cycling’ — the latest trend in anti-aging and skincare.

Dennis Stolpner skincare cycling

Skincare cycling is a concept that focuses on syncing the menstrual cycle with your skincare routine. Overall, the idea pays specific attention to how shifting your routine in response to your body’s hormonal schedule can greatly improve your skincare’s effectiveness.

The cycling concept requires you to adapt your skincare routine to the hormones that are at play in your menstrual cycle. In order to do that, it is crucial to understand what these hormones are and the role they play in skin health.

For more information on skincare cycling, Stolpner encourages you to check out his official website for a more in-depth look at this new concept. He also recommends that you get acquainted with how your skin reacts to your hormone levels by keeping a detailed ‘skin diary.’ This can be a massive help in determining your unique skin care cycle routine!