What is Clean Beauty?

The idea of clean beauty is thrown around quite a bit in skincare, especially in the last ten years. But what really is clean beauty and what makes a product or brand ‘clean’ by the phrase’s standards? Skincare Specialist Dennis Stolpner explains what clean beauty is — and what it isn’t.

Safe and Non Toxic

Clean beauty products almost always guarantee that their ingredients are toxin-free. This focus on safety is emphasized through transparency in the labeling of the ingredients used.

Some brands even take clean beauty’s dedication to environmental consciousness to a proactive level. One such brand is Dirty Hippie Cosmetics, whose catalog features numerous vegan, organic products and even zero waste, biodegradable packaging.

‘Clean beauty’ does not mean ‘organic.’

When a product claims to be clean, that doesn’t mean its ingredients are all-natural. Nor are the naturally derived ingredients held to any specific standards of quality. A product might feature, for example, something like avocado oil in its formula. But that avocado oil doesn’t have to be organic.

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