These vitamins are anti-aging support secrets!

It’s no secret that what you eat impacts your skin health. You might even say that what’s on the inside shows on the outside… for better or for worse. A diet change can go a long way in improving your skincare — and upping your anti-aging game! Here are 3 vitamins Dennis Stolpner recommends and why:

Skip the multivitamin and try to add more foods rich in these vitamins to your diet!

Vitamin E

Research indicates that Vitamin E might play a part in the aging process. Animal studies even suggest that consuming more Vitamin E could have neuroprotective benefits.

Foods rich in Vitamin E include vegetable oil, nuts, seeds, spinach and avocado.

Vitamin A

Dennis Stolpner Vitamin A

You already know this one! Vitamin A is, of course, the key component in retinoids. So we already know that Vitamin A does wonders for anti-aging when applied to the skin… but did you know that it also promotes improved cognitive function? Looking young starts with feeling young, after all!

Foods rich in Vitamin A: cheese, eggs, milk and oily fish.

Vitamin D

This is probably the first vitamin that comes to mind when you think of anti-aging. With so many ways to absorb the benefits of vitamin D, it truly should have a place in everyone’s daily routine. That could mean eating more red meat or spending more time out in the sun — both in moderation, of course!

Foods rich in Vitamin D: fatty fish, cereal and red meat.



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