Give Blood to Give Time

When you donate your blood, you give more than just blood — you give time. In their latest campaign, the American Red Cross highlights the message behind taking time out of your day to donate blood. Dennis Stolpner, Red Cross volunteer, shares the story:

Just about every day of the week, there is an opportunity for you to donate blood in your local community. The American Red Cross hosts initiatives year-round; and since recent liftings of COVID restrictions, blood drives are happily picking up the pace that the pandemic halted last year.

You can donate blood during your lunch break, on your way home from work. A breezy process, you could even donate blood on your day off, without cutting too much into your day!

For a blood donation recipient, that blood is more than just a crucial and potentially life-saving replenishment — it’s a promise of time. More time fighting back against More time surviving. More time living — and thriving. All thanks to that blood donation that took so little time for you to make.

For the blood donor, a donation is a process that takes a little time. For a blood donation recipient, a donation is a chance at more time — and that means more like to live.

Dennis Stolpner is an Anti-Aging Specialist in Florida and Active Volunteer for Disaster Relief with the American Red Cross.