Essential Oils: More than just pretty scents!

Did you know that essential oils are more than just their pretty smells? It’s true! Dennis Stolpner discusses a couple of the anti-aging essential oils that reduce wrinkles:


Perhaps one of the most popular essential oils, you’ve probably smelled sandalwood before. Earthy and warm, its creamy scent is the perfect choice for creating a relaxing space. But did you know that it also has anti-inflammatory properties? It’s true! In fact, there has even been a lot of discussion lately about the moisturizing properties of sandalwood. Moisture is always great for keeping your skin hydrated and plump — the arch-nemesis duo of wrinkles!


Not only do pomegranate seeds taste delicious, but their natural oils are also capable of reducing sunspots, halting the growth of cancer cells and reducing inflammation when applied to the skin. However, as a medical professional, Dennis Stolpner is obligated to inform you that you should not take this as medical advice. You should not select topical application of pomegranate as an effective alternative to any cancer related treatment. (Though it certainly doesn’t hurt to add this into your routine!)



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