Indie Beauty Brands You Need to Try in 2022

Skincare expert, Dennis Stolpner is a strong supporter of small business in beauty. Thanks to Amazon, more and more skincare startups are launching their products each month. Here are some of Stolpner’s picks for the best independent beauty brands you should try this new year:

Allies of Skin Molecular Saviour Probiotics Treatment Mist

This anti-evaporation nutrient mist is said to tone, rejuvenate and provide intense hydration to the skin. Active ingredients include probiotics, niacinamide, silver, mango extract, ergothioneine and more powerhouse antioxidants. You can buy the 1.7 oz bottle of this Mist for $59 on Amazon.

Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+

This is another great antioxidant-rich option for your 2022 skincare routine. Made by Trilogy, this rosehip seed oil packs quite the punch by protecting your skin from environmental damage. With a near 5 star rating out of 830 reviews, this serum from the new beauty brand is already a fan favorite!

Resveratrol 345NA Intensive Repair Cream

From Dr. Althea, this cream is great for repairing skin damage due to acne and reducing overall puffiness in the face. Anti-aging focus, 345NA works to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, promotes skin regeneration and also improves elasticity.