Donors with Type O Blood: We Need Your Help!

The American Red Cross has issued an immediate and urgent need notice. At this time, it is critical that the Red Cross receive blood donations from individuals with type O blood. Volunteer, Dennis Stolpner, shares insight:

As previously discussed, the Red Cross took quite the hit earlier on in the pandemic. Due to concern of COVID exposure, blood drives and other donation-focused events were forced to cancel. This has had devastating consequences for the relief agency and the patients who rely on blood donations in order to survive.

In particular, blood donations are currently needed for cancer treatments. The American Red Cross has issued a critical need notice calling specifically for donations from individuals with Type O blood.

If you fit the critical need criteria — or even if you do not! — please consider donating at a blood drive near you. Thank you.

Dennis Stolpner is an Anti-Aging Specialist in Florida and Active Volunteer for Disaster Relief with the American Red Cross.