2022 is the year you turn back time and start focusing on that anti-aging skincare routine! Dennis Stolpner, skincare expert and regenerative medicine professional, recommends checking out these 3 powerhouse night creams.

Best for Dry Skin

If you could halt aging with an anti-aging vaccine… would you? Dennis Stolper discusses an interesting study that is showing promising results in mice experiments:

Dennis Stolpner mice experiment

Skincare expert, Dennis Stolpner is a strong supporter of small business in beauty. Thanks to Amazon, more and more skincare startups are launching their products each month. Here are some of Stolpner’s picks for the best independent beauty brands you should try this new year:

Allies of Skin Molecular Saviour Probiotics Treatment Mist

Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+

Shopping for the skincare enthusiast in your circle? Here are some high quality, highly effective products you should consider tossing in that special someone’s stocking this year! Dennis Stolpner shares his recommendations:

The Ultimate Skin Nourishing Set

Oleo Para A Face

With the launch of his nail and skincare brand, Pleasing, Harry Styles is making a statement that says it’s time for boys to break into beauty! Dennis Stolpner discusses the products currently available for preorder from Pleasing:

Dennis Stolpner — The Perfect Polish Set by Pleasing
Source: GearPatrol

The Perfect Polish

It’s no secret that what you eat impacts your skin health. You might even say that what’s on the inside shows on the outside… for better or for worse. A diet change can go a long way in improving your skincare — and upping your anti-aging game! Here are 3 vitamins Dennis Stolpner recommends and why:

Skip the multivitamin and try to add more foods rich in these vitamins to your diet!

Vitamin E

Vitamin A

Did you know that essential oils are more than just their pretty smells? It’s true! Dennis Stolpner discusses a couple of the anti-aging essential oils that reduce wrinkles:


Dennis Stolpner Korean Skincare

It’s no secret that there is close attention paid to anti-aging skincare products in Korea. But what is the ultimate secret that offers Koreans this upperhand? Dennis Stolpner diggers deeper to uncover 3 preventative aging skincare tips we can learn:

Prevention > Cure

Humidifiers are Your Best Friend!

The idea of clean beauty is thrown around quite a bit in skincare, especially in the last ten years. But what really is clean beauty and what makes a product or brand ‘clean’ by the phrase’s standards? Skincare Specialist Dennis Stolpner explains what clean beauty is — and what it isn’t.

Safe and Non Toxic

Dennis Stolpner skincare cycling

Dennis Stolpner

Dennis Stolpner is an Anti-Aging Specialist in Florida and Active Volunteer for Disaster Relief with the American Red Cross. https://dennisstolpner.com/

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