Dennis Stolpner Korean Skincare

It’s no secret that there is close attention paid to anti-aging skincare products in Korea. But what is the ultimate secret that offers Koreans this upperhand? Dennis Stolpner diggers deeper to uncover 3 preventative aging skincare tips we can learn:

Prevention > Cure

Humidifiers are Your Best Friend!

The idea of clean beauty is thrown around quite a bit in skincare, especially in the last ten years. But what really is clean beauty and what makes a product or brand ‘clean’ by the phrase’s standards? Skincare Specialist Dennis Stolpner explains what clean beauty is — and what it isn’t.

Safe and Non Toxic

Dennis Stolpner, anti-aging specialist, offers up a brief description and explanation of ‘skincare cycling’ — the latest trend in anti-aging and skincare.

Dennis Stolpner skincare cycling

An all-new artificial intelligence (AI) model built by British scientists has proven to be capable of identifying chemical compounds that effectively promote anti-aging. What’s particularly interesting is that this finding speaks not only to cosmetic signs of aging, but physical aging as a whole. Dennis Stolpner discusses the unique study:

Dennis Stolpner AI

In an effort to draw in much-needed blood donations, the American Red Cross of Minnesota is offering some pretty sweet freebies to donors! Dennis Stolpner shares the details:

Dennis Stolpner blood drive

The American Red Cross has issued an immediate and urgent need notice. At this time, it is critical that the Red Cross receive blood donations from individuals with type O blood. Volunteer, Dennis Stolpner, shares insight:

When you donate your blood, you give more than just blood — you give time. In their latest campaign, the American Red Cross highlights the message behind taking time out of your day to donate blood. Dennis Stolpner, Red Cross volunteer, shares the story:

Dennis Stolpner Blood Donation

For the Van Der Beeks, the couple’s partnership with the American Red Cross isn’t about a pat on the back for public philanthropy. It’s personal. And that’s because they know firsthand how blood donations truly save lives…

As part of their Sound the Alarm fire safety campaign, the American Red Cross will be handing out free smoke detectors.

Dennis Stolpner Red Cross smoke detector

Sound the Alarm is a free, nationwide fire safety focused campaign led by the American Red Cross.

Dennis Stolpner

Dennis Stolpner is an Anti-Aging Specialist in Florida and Active Volunteer for Disaster Relief with the American Red Cross.

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